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Brand introduction
The source of the minister, the minister, the pump industry to do good minister, to do the loyal subjects of customers. Source, become the root of a better life, become the source of pump power, to become an excellent dynamic quality, steady flow. Chen source, the pursuit of the ultimate product, in order to perfect the design thought, the ultimate ultimate, ultimate production control, the ultimate detection means, the ultimate price of output, the ultimate service guarantee, the achievement of the ultimate source of morrison. The source, the pursuit of a thing to do right, the pursuit of 100% of the trouble free operation, as long as the customer into the hands, there is no fault service.
Chen source, focus on the family, do the best segments of the industry, focus on human experience, attention to life, attention to mute life, attention to handy.
Chen source, no silly Dahan thick cold equipment, but full of warmth, full of wisdom of life, is an indispensable part of our modern life, fiery life, family life, life is his source of his source, let you fall in love with life, full of dreams, life is more beautiful.