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Brand publicity
1, let the world fall in love with Chinese pump.
2, burst positive energy, a new image.
3, surrender to the world, far from the source of excellence.
4, the new concept of water pump, the source heart experience.
5, pump vane, the source of the heart guide.
6, the road of the pump, the source of wisdom.
7, the dream of a better life, the source of action.
8, a minister is not the Lord, active common happiness.
9, the quality of all directions, intentions zero distance.
10, surrender to the product, the source is still in the heart.
11, the source of power, love pass.
12, the wisdom of life, the source of choice.
13, wisdom to win the future, steady flow.
14, escort, chief source navigation.
15, intelligent technology, with love transfer.
16, smart fashion, has a long history.
17, the challenge of a new high, proud of you.
18, to the pursuit of power flows.
19, the dream of power, the source of the core transmission.
20, the quality of the core world, professional excellence.
21, omnipotent, the world vertical and horizontal.
22, the height of the foot at the foot of the source.
23, the flow of science and technology, eternal passion.