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Brand story
I am a fluid designer,
I grew up from the bottom.
In the pump market off,
I found that many people pursue so-called interests,
But forget the moral bottom line.
A slick pump,
Quality assurance without trouble free operation
No good after-sales service,
The harsh noise takes away people's dreams,
Critical moment sudden short circuit,
Put out your good mood,
Bring a lot of trouble to people's good life,
Some even become healthy killers.
So I adjusted my direction,
Farewell fluid design,
Focus on the quality of water pump, water pump,
I want a revolution in the water pump industry.
Let the water pump close to people.
I am a young man,
I understand the ultimate pursuit of life,
Nature, harmony, peace of mind, return.
Let the home become the power of love,
Make work easier,
Let the good never fail,
I can help people achieve their dreams.
We use the Internet to solve the relationship between supply and demand,
With the professional experiment to ensure that the product will never stop,
There is no later maintenance complaint is the last service,
The customer's expectations into our pressure, power,
2010, the first mini water heater pressurized pump,
2011, the first generation of two generation hot water pump,
2013, the first microcomputer automatic booster pump,
Since then, we have opened a new power pump.
We can realize the dream of a thousand years,
We have a heart of gratitude.
Our constant pursuit of quality life,
Our love and respect for life and health,
I am proud of myself,
I am a real pump spokesman,
I have my brand,
His name is Chen yuan,
A always let you rest assured that more money saving brand,
A brand that will always make your life easier.
Origin, life, temperature,
Minister source, the height of the foot!