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1, where there is life there is the source of passion.
2, to become a global leader in the design of small and medium fluid equipment.
3, let the beautiful happen at any time, so moving everywhere.
1, to create the wisdom of life, the dream because you burst.
2, improve the quality of life, so exciting.
3, so that the fluid flow, so that a good easy to achieve.
4, to create China's pride, revitalize national industry.
Enterprise idea:
1, sincere Liye, a development, the ultimate.
Core values:
1, customer complaints is our goal.
2, set advanced ideas, do the perfect product.
Enterprise spirit:
1, always resistant, never fail.
2, passion dream, dare to be the first, excellence, never tired.
Enterprise style:
1, higher, faster, stronger.
Quality concept:
1, semi-finished products of 100% is the best of the finished product of 100%.
2, only excellent, not qualified.
3, with the character to do products, using art to do technology.
Sales concept:
1, the promotion of products is to promote character.
Team concept:
1, human communication, rigid execution.
2, with the perfect person to create a perfect team.
Talent concept:
1, with the quality of decent people, with the pursuit of the cause of the people, with the people who know how to Thanksgiving, with innovation and change.
2, for the dream of the bridge.
Service concept:
1, imagine more than the customer to do a step, so that each customer has become a customer service.