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Quality control

 The quality of Chen Yuan pump is the basis of development, the source of competition, the long-term adherence to the construction of quality management system, research and development projects to meet the demand of the market, and actively absorb advanced management methods. Through the ISO9001 quality management system certification, and the implementation of GB/T 19580 performance excellence management, the establishment of a perfect quality assurance system, to ensure continuous improvement of quality management level and user satisfaction.
In order to carry out the monitoring and measurement of the product in the process of product realization, give full play to the identification, check, prevention and reporting of the inspection to ensure that the unqualified products do not flow into the next process or the user's hands, strictly execute the product inspection management procedure, from (IQC) inspection, (PQC) process inspection, and (OQC) finished product warehouse inspection and so on. The overall quality of the product is controlled and the product quality is controlled from the raw material to the factory.
(product quality inspection program)
The company has set up 10 performance test stations. By sampling the products on the production line and according to the standard of finished product evaluation and acceptance, the related test items are tested to ensure the performance of the finished products to meet the national standard requirements. In addition, the company has set up 7 reliability test rig, and compiled the standard of pump reliability verification test based on national standards. Under the operating conditions of the simulated customers, the average failure time of the product / the average first working time of the first fault is tested, and the quality and reliability risk of the product is monitored. The weak links in design and manufacturing are exposed during the test process, and relevant requirements for reliability growth are put forward.