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Submersible sewage pump in the use of note

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Submersible sewage pump is an important pump in the sewage treatment industry, the use of pumps and motors connected to the design, you can dive into the liquid to work. So what is the use of submersible sewage pump in the use of submersible sewage pump in the use of note
Submersible sewage pump use note
1, when the humidity sensor or a temperature sensor alarm, or pump operation when abnormal vibration and noise; or the output water pressure drop, power consumption increased significantly, should immediately to the submersible sewage pump shutdown overhaul.
2, some not sealed submersible pump in water for a long time, even if not used, insulation value will gradually decline, and ultimately can not be put into use, or even than in the submersible sewage pump continuous operation in working time is short time insulation phenomenon disappeared. The submersible pump sump in standby sometimes not to spare, if conditions permit, can be in the pool outside the dry standby, a submersible pump in operation when a fault occurs, immediately stop up, put down the standby pump.
3, submersible pump can not be too frequent to open, stop, otherwise it will affect the service life of submersible pump. The submersible pump is stopped, the water in the pipeline have a return, then immediately restart is caused by the heavy load when the electric pump is started, and the impact of the load bearing is not necessary; in addition, the submersible pump frequent start stop will damage the ability to withstand the impact of poor damaged parts, and bring the entire electric pump.
4, after the shutdown, before the motor completely stopped, can not restart.
5, check the electric pump must cut off the power supply.
6, submersible pump work, do not wash items in the vicinity, swimming or put livestock into the water, in order to avoid electric leakage occurs when electric shock accident.