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People are always in the process of using such problems, is the pump running time is long, will produce vibration, vibration long time will also form loss pump noise, caused by the increase of cost, the application of pump event has become a vexing issue.
Pump engineers believe that as long as the vibration of the pump to find out the reasons, some will be prepared to solve the vibration problem of water pumps, pump vibration is what caused the problem?
1 the motor is the main equipment of the unit, the imbalance of the internal magnetic force of the motor and other electrical systems, often cause vibration and noise.
2 motor and pump rotating parts unbalance, poor quality, installation, crudely made unit axis asymmetry, swing to exceed the allowable value, mechanical strength and stiffness, poor parts of the bearing and sealing parts wear damage, and the critical speed of pump unit has been caused by resonance with the natural frequency and so on, will have a strong vibration and noise. The.
3 pump inlet velocity and pressure distribution, import and export pump working fluid pressure pulsation, liquid flow and drift and flow separation, caused by non quota conditions and various causes of pump cavitation, are common causes of pump unit vibration.
4 unit inlet design is reasonable or not, and the unit supporting the pump submergence properly, and the unit startup and shutdown order is not reasonable, will cause the deterioration of water conditions, produce vortex cavitation induced or aggravated unit and pump vibration.